Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Jack Davies - Flea Music

Flea Circus is Jack Davies' latest small group project, inspired by Dave Douglas' Charms of the Night Sky group, the French Bal-Musette, and Ivo Papasov's incredible Bulgarian band.

In stark contrast to much of the electrified music being made today, Flea Circus is an entirely acoustic chamber group.

Drawing on the canon of European jazz and contemporary music, Flea Circus juxtaposes lyrical melodies and exuberant improvisation.

The line up

  • Jack Davies (trumpet)
  • Rob Cope (bass clarinet)
  • Aidan Shepherd (accordion)
  • James Opstad (bass)

Current current works include
  • All The Night's Adventures
  • Three Miniatures
    1. Monster
    2. So Let Us Melt
    3. Lamppost
  • La Puce
  • Zapushalka
  • Dance of the Proles

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