Thursday, 25 October 2007

Halloween Fleas in New York City

Amongst other events in New York there is a flea circus in Brooklyn Botanic Gardens this weekend, Saturday 28th October.

Phydeaux's Flying Flea Circus of Fate will be performing two shows at 12:30 and 3pm. There will be plenty of other events for budding entomologists such as composting with worms and feeding carnivorous plants.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Escapologist starts Flea Circus

Magician and Escapologist Steve Legg has started a flea circus for the UK.

His colourful and mysterious looking circus created by Walt Noon, contains fleas Barry and Brenda who perform a chariot race, walk a high-wire; blindfolded. They brave the high-dive and conclude with a "death-defying" finale.

Lets hope his flea's don't learn how he does his escapology!

For more details see:

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sven Svenson and the Cigarbox Flea Circus

Those of you who have been following my flea circus research for some time may be aware of Sven Svenson who I interviewed a couple of years back.

Sven has decided to share his experience with circus building with the rest of the world and is now selling a very portable flea circus in a cigar box. This cigar box flea circus requires no batteries or external power so can be operated where ever you like. The acts include: high dive, flea cannon, tight rope, moving car, football and there are some other "novel moving parts" that you have to ask Sven about.

You can purchase his circus from the Sven Svenson Flea Circus website.

Monday, 8 October 2007

October 19th Belfast Flea Pit

As part of the Belfast Festival, The Flea Pit, is being presented by Cahoots NI in the Little Pavilion, Botanic Gardens. Running from Friday 19 October audiences can witness this incredible show in a unique purpose built theatre which holds just 15 people!

"Come and watch our international fleas, Lady Isobella Jumpin Ella, Ivan the Bulgarian Beastie and Mad Rad Rodricco, amaze people with their incredible feats of mind reading, weightlifting and incredible trapeze stunts! Then marvel at a museum of curiosities where your host will introduce a series of ever-revolving attractions and indeed reveal some of the secrets behind the flea circus. All accompanied by live music!"