Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Flea Places

There are many places named after fleas around the world.

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In the USA, fleas are popular for placenames.

Fleaville, Shasta County (which unfortunately no longer exists)
Flea Creek, Montana
Flea Hill, Delaware
Flea Hop, Elmore County, Alabama

In the south there are places also named after the Spanish word for fleas, "Las Pulgas", and a good few flea places in Spain too.

Las Pulgas Canyon and Las Pulgas Road in Camp Pendleton
"Rancheria de las Pulgas", San Diego

Avenida de las Pulgas ("Avenue of the Fleas"),

If we look at the French name for flea, Puce there are a few places, firstly in Canada and also in France.

Puce, Ontario
Pucé, 69670 Vaugneray, France

Down in New Zealand, the fleas get a nautical theme, not to be mistaken for the popular internet auction site.

Flea Bay, New Zealand

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