Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Roman Flea Circus

Eric from the Svenson's flea circus has a new style of Flea Circus, the Roman Circus Minimus.

The fleas live in a little Roman villa (the door opens when they come out to do a show).

"Bigus Bitus" pulls a chariot around the ring, there are a selection of Roman themed acts such as the highwire and trapeze. Bitus the strong flea also rolls tiny a barrel of wine up a ramp and off the end.

Fleasar kicks a ball (Pila) into a goal, yes roman football (Harpastum), and Jumpus does the high dive into a pool of icy cold water.

There is also have a flea that lifts a little pole/standard into the upright position.

The grand finale is Jumpus being fired from a Ballista (large roman crossbow) and he hits a little target in the shape of a roman shield.

Eric's armour is historically correct (and VERY heavy) and Eric is learning Latin incase there are questions from the audience.

For more information visit Svenson's Roman Flea Circus.

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