Wednesday, 12 March 2008

"Jock the Flea"

A few years ago when the script was being produced for the Flea Circus, the character Jock Denim was created. It has since come to light that there is a "Jock the Flea" character in the song "Jock the Flea" by Captain Beaky' writer Jeremy Lloyd. Jock the Flea specialises in jumping and feats of strength such as bending mouse hairs where Jock Denim's speciality is riding a unicycle. Jock Denim is voiced by Biz the Drummer.

It was not the intention of the Flea Circus Film to cause any confusion for Captain Beaky fans and we appologuise if anyone has visited the Flea Circus Film website by mistake when they were really looking for the Captain Beaky website.

For those interested in purchasing the "Jock the Flea" song, you can do so from the Captain Beaky website, details below.

"Jock the Flea" by Jeremy Lloyd - Captain Beaky Volume II.

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