Friday, 30 November 2007

Paul O' Grady Fleas

I looked at my flea circus site google analytics stats this week and noticed that there was a bit of a change. Rather than my usual 20-30 hits per day, I recieved 301 on Wednesday.

My first speculation was that perhaps the showing of a flea circus on the Paul O' Grady show had sent a bunch of people in my direction, there were a lot of google hits but there were 241 from a site called For those of you who don't know stumbleupon is a way of sharing interesting sites with other people who have similar interests so it looks like I must have been mentioned there. Sorry Paul/Malcolm you can't claim credit for this one.

Anyway, hopefully my digibox recorded the Paul O Grady show as I did not have time to watch it as I was donating blood (for people not fleas) last night. I'll let you know more once I've seen the show.


Puk said...

You are doing a very good job with your web and your blog. We visit you from Spain allways waiting for new posts.
Congratulations to your blog because you are doing "the fleakipedia".
Thank you.
Magic Puk

FleaCircusDirector said...

Thanks, it's nice to know there's readers. I've got some articles on the way with some really old flea performers