Friday, 13 April 2007

Sony, the Church and Flea Circuses

As part of their advertising for the Playstation 2, Sony produced an advert about training fleas called Escape the Circus. It explained the idea of training fleas by putting them in a container with a lid until they learn not to jump. Since then a whole range of Christian blogs have commented that they believe the church is the same as a jam jar and hence they are the same as fleas. At first I thought this was novel and creative but then it appeared again and again on different sites. And interestingly enough there is never a credit back to the first person who came up with the idea which pretty much makes them all plagiarists.
Are Christians being cunningly manipulated to perform for entertainment by an outside force? Are they all wildly jumping around looking for blood and it's only the church that is stopping them escaping and spreading diseases? Or are they simply too focused on conforming each other and scared of coming up with new ideas just in case they upset someone?
And finally on a separate topic, I discovered today the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to insects. SPCI is calling for the flea circus to be banned. I have contacted them to address their fears.

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