Tuesday, 6 March 2007

You can teach an old flea new tricks...

I had an email from a new flea trainer asking about what tricks Michael Bentine performed in his circus. Unfortunately the very short reference video I have of his performance only has a joke about a spec of dirty and the miss identification of a flea's gender. However we can guess from the layout of the ring that there was a ball rolling up a slope and a diving board.

Most days, I have my favourite search engines trained on the Internet looking for flea related topics. People have an amazing tendency to compare everything from Religion to Politics as being like a Flea Circus. However, I occasionally come across an interesting link or idea. Today the search engines highlighted an idea that I'd not heard before. A blogger suggested that a small model of Stone Henge could be used by fleas. I think this is a brilliant idea. The fleas could lift up the stones with little A frames and strings or slide them along on rollers. This should work with both real and magical circuses.

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